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Natural Disinfectant ​"Photonspheric CY-BOR" 300 ml


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Can be used for:

sunburn, blisters, scars, itching, rash, mouthwash, intimate hygiene and deodorant.

Cy-Bor is a disinfectant formulation, using the properties of the liquidation of bacteria and viruses in humans and animals, with the properties of Quantum Medicine and Dipolar Gravity (based on thermotherapy).

1. It cleanses the blood forming polarized and healthy red blood cells, capable of delivering a greater number of oxygen and necessary nutrients to cells.

2. Thins the blood to the correct density and purifies the cytoplasm of pollution.

3. It heals skin problems such as:

  • sunburn, blisters, scarring, eliminates pain and burning.
  • burns and bone marrow cells caused by radiation resulting from water, air, and food.
  • eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, bacterial infections and fungal infections.
  • cut wounds and lacerations, old and new scars.
  • smoothes wrinkles and spots on the skin.increases skin elasticity and ecology.

4. Stops the urinary tract and genital rash, itching and all venereal diseases.

5. Great as mouthwash, deodorant and liquid for intimate hygiene.

6. Eliminates the problems of the circulatory system, heals ulcers, varicose veins, scars in the arteries and veins (haemorrhoids) which helps heal scar tissue following MI.

7. It purifies the blood and cells from the toxic alkaloid addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

8. Stimulates healing and regeneration of all tissues of the body causing organs and skin rejuvenation.

9. It is a safe substitute for aspirin

Supplement Facts: Special formula energizes and structurizes the water.

Contains: zinc, boron, salicylic acid.

Directions: Drink 10 ml 2-3 times per day or directly apply to the affected skin area up to 8 times daily. 3 months use when kept in the fridge.