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Body & Mental Energy Power "Endorphin Booster" 50 ml - Drops


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Can be used to:

control the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, regulate the endocrine, hormonal system and body temperature, increase immunity.

Endorphyn Booster has been used by thousands of people, with very good results. The reports are very optimistic, especially for individuals with multiple sclerosis. Tests have confirmed the beneficial effects, particularly in combination with alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin D.

Endorphyn Booster "cheats" by blocking the brain receptors of endorphins (happiness hormone), the brain "thinks" that it lacks endorphins, thus producing them from two to five times more. Endorphins give a feeling of satisfaction, relieve pain and help cope with stress. In addition:

  • control the cardiovascular and respiratory system,
  • regulate body temperature
  • increase the resistance.
  • regulate the endocrine,

This is the starting point for spontaneous recovery.

A person who suffered from depression for two years, after the application of Endorphyn Booster felt a great improvement in his wellbeing. After fifteen days of use the symptoms disappeared completely.
The first signs of improved health, may appear in the first days. However, often for months there will be no results, due to the detuning resistance especially in chronic disease which takes an average of about 6 months.

Endorphyn Booster treatment should be taken for about a year, although in many minor diseases, it can be applied only for less than a month.

The list of diseases that Endorphyn Booster can help with;
1. Autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 1.
2. Alzheimer's disease.
3. Ankylosing spondylitis.
4. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
5. Autism.
6. Bipolar disorder effective.
7. Behcet's disease, (systemic vasculitis).
8. Bullous, (autoimmune bullous diseases).
9. Celiac disease.
10. Chronic fatigue syndrome.
11. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
12. CREST syndrome.
13. Depression.
14. Endometriosis.
15. Encephalopathy.
16. Fibromyalgia.
17. Granuloma gangrenous face (Wegener's granulomatosis).
18. HIV. Carriers of HIV, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
19. Infertility.
20. Inflammatory bowel disease.
21. Irritable bowel syndrome.
22. Lesniewski-Crohn's disease.
23. Multiple primary side.
24. Multiple sclerosis.
25. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
26. Parkinson's disease.
27. Polycystic ovarian syndrome.
28. Polymyalgia.
29. Premenstrual syndrome.
30. Psoriasis.
31. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
32. Sarcoidosis.
33. Scleroderma.
34. Systemic lupus erythematosus.
35. Team generalized stiffness.
36. The transverse myelitis.
37. Ulcerative colitis.

To this list, illnesses associated with the thyroid, adrenal, spleen and pancreas could be added


  • Endorphyn Booster can be used together with other medicine, however only in the case of analgesics, opioid-containing compounds may weaken their action in the first hours after ingestion.

Can Endorphyn Booster be taken preventively?

  • Yes, this is a harmless supplement wchich can be used for a period no longer than up to six weeks. The organism of an individual will than be subjected to the stimulation of increased doses of their own endorphins which the brain will not feel or record, but the body, the immune system will have a positive feel, like most mobilizing system to overcome all health disorders.

Can Endorphyn Booster cause addiction?

  • No, it operates only in a period of about two to six hours, so the whole operation expires during sleep. When a person wakes up in the morning, the supplement is no longer in their system, leaving behind only the endorphins.

What happens when you miss a day?

  • The treatment can be interrupted at any time, and resumed at any time. The omission of even a few doses does not interrupt the healing process, the delay will still provide the full effect.

Supplement Facts: Special formula energizes and structurizes the water.

Contains: Ginseng extract, Rhodiola extract.

Directions: 30-40 drops per day before bed time. 3 months use when kept in the fridge.